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The Special Safety Care

Safety is

THE Plastic Surgery has a record of zero accident for 18 years with a firm belief in safety prioritization. It is our biggest pride at THE Plastic Surgery.

Health Checkup prior to General Anesthesia for Surgery

For those undergoing general anesthesia, we perform up to 50 tests including blood tests,
anemia tests, electrocardiogram tests, X-ray, etc to determine health status of the customer.

Anesthesia Record of the Patient
(Anesthesia Recording Sheet)

All conditions of the anesthetized patient are thoroughly recorded
on the anesthesia log for a continuous check up of the patient’s condition.

High-End Monitoring Equipment

We have the best devices to accurately monitor the patient’s blood pressure, electrocardiogram,
oxygen saturation, and respiratory rate. Not only that, the patient’s health status is
checked real time even in the recovery room after surgery.

Emergency Kit and Manual for Each and Every Situation

THE Plastic Surgery regularly conducts a virtual training session to cope with each and
every emergency symptoms and to familiarize with the emergency manual.
We are equipped with Emergency Kits parallel to those at the University Hospitals.
We do not hesitate to have costly yet important drugs such as dantrolene ready for patient safety.

Qualified by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001

THE Plastic Surgery was credited by ISO 9001 certification by providing the best
environment for Systematic Management System and Facility Management.

Post-Operative 1:1 Dedicated Nurse System

Nursing staff with 10 years of experience at Asan Hospital takes excellent care of patients. A dedicated nurse provides 1:1 nursing care until the full recovery.

In-Hospital Oxygen Supply System

We support quick patient recovery by supplying oxygen to hospitalized patients. An oxygen supplying system is provided for patients in the inpatient room.

Pain Relief System

We provide Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) that allows personal control of pain upon request. It helps reduce pain phobia for those in fear of pain.

CCTV Installation in all Operating Rooms and Storage of Surgical Records

THE Plastic Surgery’s operating room has a facility and environment parallel to University Hospitals. High-definition CCTV (camera) is installed to record the operation.

The Plastic Surgery’S Safety Care Principle

The Plastic Surgery Clinic established eight Principles of Safety Surgery Care with
the highest priority on the Safety of Patients. We firmly adhere to the following principles:.

Principle 1 All judgments and decisions prioritizes patient safety
Principle 2 Always be fully equipped to handle emergency
Principle 3 The surgeon on duty must be fully aware of first aid treatment including cardiopulmonary resuscitation in case of an emergency.
Principle 4 The operating room provides tightly controlled thermal and sterilized environment. (THE Plastic Surgery’s Sterilization Program)
Principle 5 Medical staff in the operating room work must be perfectly sterilized
Principle 6 All surgeries are under strict control and by anesthesiologists and medical specialists.
Principle 7 For intensive operation, surgeons and anesthesiologists must not chat or show inappropriate behavior while performing surgeries.
Principle 8 THE Plastic Surgery Clinic regards customers as a family and provides life-long care.
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