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Powerful Wrinkle Removal

Face Lift

High SMAS face lift

  • 01 Dep nasolabial wrinkles or wrinkles in general
  • 02 Excessive shrinkage after facial contouring
  • 03 Sagging skin around chin and neck
  • 04 Droopy cheeks and jawline due to aging

High SMAS Face Lift

THE plastic surgery’s anti-aging solution that powerfully and confidently removes traces of deeply wrinkled skin!


Operation time

2~3 hours


Regional Anesthesia (Sedation)



Stitch Removal

After 5-7 days


1~3 times

Recovery period

After 1 Week

Correct the Underlying Cause of Aging

Face Lift/ After 3 Months

Face Lift/ After 3 Months

Face Lift / After 4 Months

Face Lift / After 4 Months

Neck Wrinkle Correction / After 2 Months

Neck Wrinkle Correction / After 1 Months

The Incision Scar is Hardly Visible.

1 Week after Surgery

1 Week after Surgery

2 Week after Surgery

3 Week after Surgery

3 Week after Surgery

3 Months after Surgery

Although the actual incision was 10cm, incision site visible to eyes were 3cm.
After 3 months, incision line becomes hardly noticeable.

High SMAS Face Lift Core Know-How

High SMAS Face Lifting Method


Incision hidden inside the hairline

Detach and pull skin tightly over submuscular/superficial aponeurosis layer

Eliminate remaining excess skin



THE Plastic Surgery’s High SMAS Face Lift Results

01 Customized design focusing on the underlying cause of old appearance
02 Semi-permanent absolute wrinkle removal
03 Perfect anti-aging solution for thick and deep wrinkles
04 From grumpy to young, lively impression
05 Clear, vivid eyes through elevating droopy eyebrows

High SMAS Face Lift Uniqueness

High SMAS face lift is a procedure approved by the Plastic Surgery Society.

He takes responsibility in all process from start to finish.

Accomplish face lifting procedures for more than 18 years without any medical accidents ever since opening.

Even with minimal incision of 10cm, scars are minimized through sufficient dissection of fascia for best outcome.

Thorough hemostasis and short operation time reduces swelling and bruises after surgery.

The Plastic Surgery Anti-Aging Center

Customized Ptosis (Sagging) Analysis

THE Plastic Surgery thoroughly examines facial proportions, level of ptosis, and fat distribution prior to the surgery to design a perfect procedural plan for ideal aesthetic results.

3D Face Scanner

Delicate and meticulous design according to different aging process completes youthful face.

Lifting effect

Rapidly alleviate swelling and bruising to prevent such complications as capsular contracture for natural and soft breasts.

FULL HD Endoscopy Lifting Procedures

Direct view through HD endoscope enables accurate dissection which minimizes bleeding and tissue damage.
Pain DOWN, Recovery UP

Lifting Expert

THE Plastic Surgery’s Anti-aging/ Lifting procedures is performed in short period, yet meticulously.

Detailed Post-Operative Care

We proudly present systematic and detailed aftercare program

Excellent Technology Evaluation Company Certification (2018)

ISO 9001: Certified Hospital (2000)

Consumer preference No. 1 Brand Award (2016)

Customer Satisfaction Brand Award (2015)

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