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Perfect Skin Elasticity and V-line

The UP
Thread Lifting

The UP Thread Lifting

  • 01 Slight sagging on the face
  • 02 Nasolabial folds due to sagging cheeks
  • 03 Desire V-line
  • 04 Want quick and fast results

THE Plastic Surgery The UP Thread Lifting

The UP Thread Lifting is done with a PDO thread that dissolves in the subcutaneous fat later.
Its excellent biocompatibility makes it safe for human body.

The Main Treatment Areas of the UP thread lifting

Structure of The UP Thread Lift

The UP Thread lifting is several strands of mesh-shaped PDO thread, combined to form a plane.
Protrusions are formed at the side of the thread responsible for lifting and tissue fixation.

Conventional Thread Lifting VS The UP Thread Lifting

The UP Thread Lifting Conventional Thread Lifting
Type of Thread
Method Insertion made between subcutaneous fat layer and SMAS layer Insertion of barbed or normal threads in subcutaneous
Retention Period About 3 years About 1 year
Characteristics – Wide plane like surface, strongly tightens the tissue for effective lifting
– No dents/furrows since it is not a line.
– Long maintenance period as the tissue grows between the meshes, firmly fixating with the surrounding tissues.
– Weak lifting due to single strand
– Single line leads to dent
– Short maintenance period.

THE Up Thread Lifting Method

After an 5mm incision is made on the temporal region, 2-4 of The UP thread is inserted and lifted, and suture after.

5 mm Incision in the Temporal Region

Lifted with 2-4 of UP Threads


Advantages of the UP Thread Lifting

01 Lifting tissues with mesh-like wide plane allows natural and powerful lifting
02 Strong fixation with both-way protruded needles.
03 No dent due to uplift of plane surface
04 Longer maintenance due to tissue adhesion in gaps along the mesh
05 Multiple area lifted with single incision site enables fast recovery
06 Minimized bleeding and swelling allows 3-4 days of recovery period.
07 From the day after the procedure, including face wash and shampooing is possible.

The Plastic Surgery Anti-Aging Center

Customized Ptosis (Sagging) Analysis

THE Plastic Surgery thoroughly examines facial proportions, level of ptosis, and fat distribution prior to the surgery to design a perfect procedural plan for ideal aesthetic results.

3D Face Scanner

Delicate and meticulous design according to different aging process completes youthful face.

Lifting effect

Rapidly alleviate swelling and bruising to prevent such complications as capsular contracture for natural and soft breasts.

FULL HD Endoscopy Lifting Procedures

Direct view through HD endoscope enables accurate dissection which minimizes bleeding and tissue damage.
Pain DOWN, Recovery UP

Lifting Expert

THE Plastic Surgery’s Anti-aging/ Lifting procedures is performed in short period, yet meticulously.

Detailed Post-Operative Care

We proudly present systematic and detailed aftercare program

Excellent Technology Evaluation Company Certification (2018)

ISO 9001: Certified Hospital (2000)

Consumer preference No. 1 Brand Award (2016)

Customer Satisfaction Brand Award (2015)

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