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Non-Surgical Method of Reducing Fat


Zeltiq Coolsculpting

  • 01 Remove fat through simple procedure
  • 02 Frightened of liposuction
  • 03 Want to lose fat in specific areas
  • 04 Desire permanent results

Zeltiq Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is a safe procedure credited by USA FDA, European CE, Korean FDA!

Zeltiq is a cooling energy that crystallizes fat cells without damaging tissue like skin, nerves, and muscles.
Fat cells are then eliminated naturally and removed through the lymphatic system.

Principles of Coolsculpting

Fat Crystallization

Targets only fat cells in the body that cannot be eliminated by exercise, then crystallizes fat with cooling energy.

Fat Cell Apoptosis

Crystallized adipocytes are slowly destroyed by apoptosis and removed by the body’s immune system over several weeks.

Fat Cell Reduction

Visible changes are noticeable after 3 weeks, with the fat layer gradually decreasing from 1 to 3 months after the procedure.

Zeltiq Treatment Site

Various applicators performed in different areas.

Advantages of Zeltiq Coolsculpting

01 No anesthesia, incision!
02 Safe procedure with no damage on tissues, surrounding skin, vessels and nerves
03 Permanent results and maintenance
04 Procedure on specific area

The Plastic Surgery Liposuction Center

InBody Analysis

Identify various information about the customer’s physical condition including body composition balance, body structure, muscle mass, fat, etc.


Accurately grasp the thickness of skin and fat to establish an optimal surgical plan

Examine each body type carefully and elaborately

Erchonia Laser

Dissolves and extract fat cells through damaging cells walls of fat.

Liposuction Specialist

THE Plastic Surgery demonstrates dramatic results through maximum removal of fat.

Detailed post-operational care

Systematic and detailed post-operative care by THE Plastic Surgery

Excellent Technology Evaluation Company Certification (2018)

ISO 9001: Certified Hospital (2000)

Consumer preference No. 1 Brand Award (2016)

Customer Satisfaction Brand Award (2015)

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