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Natural Breasts, Originally Mine

Stem Cell
Breast Fat Grafting

With breast augmentation and body correction at once,
simultaneously achieve full breasts and slim body at once.

Breast Enlargement & Stemcell Fat Graft

Stem cell breast fat transplantation from THE Plastic Surgery is an autologous stem cell transplantation that
uses a cannula to transplant unnecessary fat from the body into breasts.

Usage of autologous fat and stem cells, ensures a natural touch and shape.
Compared to surgeries with implants, surgical process using stem cells is simple,
making recovery fast with almost no pains or scars.

It is a method suitable for customers who pursues natural breasts.


Operation time



General Anesthesia



Stitch Removal



1~3 times

Recovery period

After 1 Week

Stem cell Breast Transplantation Surgery Method & Site

Size Enlargement

Asymmetry Correction

Upper Volume Replenishment

Lower Volume Replenishment

Outer Volume Replenishment

Cleavage Enhancement

Partial Area Replenishment

Breast Reconstruction and Breast Revision

Conventional Breast Fat Graft vs. Stem Cell Breast Fat Graft

Stem cell Breast Transplantation Conventional Breast Fat Graft
Engraftment Rate Excellent Engraftment Rate / Vascular Expansion (approx. 60 ~ 80%) Low Engraftment Rate (approx. 20 ~ 30%)
Amount of Fat for
Only necessary amount of fat required (due to high survival rate) Excessive fat required (2-3 times more than desired amount due to low survival rate)
Fat cell Size Liquid, micro-sized fat with almost no fat particles Macro fat with large individual fat particles
Contamination Special Contamination Prevention System Air Contamination Possible
Downtime + 1 day Around 3-7 days
Surgical Method Transplantation of stem cells & fat Solely fat transplant
Effect Produce blood vessels and collagen by promoting fat survival rate High fat absorption due to low survival rate

The Plastic Surgery Breast Center

Vectra XT 3D Virtual Plastic Surgery

A virtual plastic surgery equipment that simulates the shape of a patient’s breast prior to surgery with high-resolution 3D images.

FULL HD Endoscopic Breast Surgery

Bleeding and tissue damage minimized by an accurate dissection possible by a clear and direct view through an HD Endoscope reduces pain/ while boosting recovery.


Rapidly alleviate swelling and bruising to prevent such complications as capsular contracture for natural and soft breasts.

Mammary Ultrasonography

Rapidly alleviate swelling and bruising to prevent such complications as capsular contracture for natural and soft breasts.

Breast Surgery Specialist

THE Plastic Surgery’s breast surgery guarantees natural breast shape and quick recovery.

Excellent Technology Evaluation Company Certification (2018)

ISO 9001: Certified Hospital (2000)

Consumer preference No. 1 Brand Award (2016)

Customer Satisfaction Brand Award (2015)

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