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Natural, Distinct Eyes

Natural line
partial incisional

Natural line
Partial Incision

  • 01 Want distinct eyelid crease
  • 02 Want minimal scar from double eyelid surgery
  • 03 Desire quick recovery
  • 04 Removal and relocation of eyelid fat
  • 05 Need a high level of eye correction

Why THE Plastic Surgery’s Partial Incision?

Unnecessary tissue removal and adhesion prevents loosening of double eyelids.
Small incision compared to traditional incision method creates less swelling or scar.
An incision method is appropriate method if there is a presence of saggy skin and excessive fat.


Operation time

30~40 minutes


Local /



Stitch Removal

After 4-5 days


1~2 times

Recovery period

After 1 Week

Partial Incision Method

Before surgery

Double Eyelid Design

Local or Sedation Anesthesia(Sedation)


Fat Removal


After Surgery

THE Plastic Surgery’s Nose Surgery Know-Hows

Partial incision complements advantages of natural adhesion and disadvantages of incision method for maximum results.

THE Plastic Surgery Eye Surgery Center

Detailed Surgical Plan

Based on the analyzed information, we present the optimally customized surgical design to the customer.

Detailed Surgery

THE Plastic Surgery’s eye surgery is performed in a prompt and precise manner.

Detailed Post-Operative Care

We proudly present systematic and detailed aftercare program

Patents for
Eye Plastic Surgery

Obtain patent of “Real Lock and Circle Eye” Surgery

Excellent Technology Evaluation Company Certification (2018)

ISO 9001: Certified Hospital (2000)

Consumer preference No. 1 Brand Award (2016)

Customer Satisfaction Brand Award (2015)

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