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Appropriate chin that first your profile!


Prognathic surgery

  • 01 Long face due to jaw protrusion
  • 02 Gummy smile
  • 03 When chin is long and overall wide
  • 04 Sunken mid-face area and due to excessively long jaw
  • 05 Prognathic jaw with facial asymmetry
  • 06 Prognathic jaw with malocclusion

Prognathic Jaw Surgery

Improves Jaw Aesthetically and Functionally


Operation time

Approx. 2 hours


General Anesthesia


1 day

Stitch Removal

after 7~10 day


2,3 times

Recovery period

After 2 weeks

THE Plastic Surgery
Cheekbone Reduction Core Competencies

Long Face and Protruding Mouth

Long Face and Chin, Gummy Smile

Wide Prognathic Jaw

Flat mid-face area due to Prognathic jaw

Asymmetrical Prognathic jaw

Prognathic Jaw Surgery

Overdeveloped lower jaw bone is corrected with osteotomy to reduce length and retract protruded chin.


Protuding Mouth and Long Chin


Fracture tip of the chin and remove the middle part


Shortened chin and correction of mouth protrusion

Mandibular Surgery

Vertical Osteotomy (IVRO)

IVRO vertically cuts the posterior part of the lower jaw, which naturally places joints in appropriate position without any artificial fixation.


Malocclusion and Protruded Mouth


Vertically fracture and move jawbone inwards


Shortened chin and correction of mouth protrusion

Advantages Disadvantages
– Since bones are not fixed, customers undergo low levels of jaw joint abnormality and pain.
– Low probability of nerve damage.
– Shorter operation time than SSRO.
– Since bones are not fixated, two week period of mouth tie is required for stable healing.
– 1-2 weeks of physical therapy is necessary for recovery of jaw.
– Thorough follow-up is necessary to prevent malocclusion.


SSRO is a popular surgical method that fractures back of the lower jaw into two pieces where jawbone is retracted and then fixed with plates or wires.


Prognathic Jaw with Malocclusion


Fracture with SSRO technique and move jawbone


Shortened chin and correction of mouth protrusion

Advantages Disadvantages
-Completely fixed bone and no tying enables fast recovery.
– Safe recovery due to stable fixation
– Bone fixation demonstrates low margin of error malocclusion
– Bone fixation can cause strain on the joints.
– Risk of nerve damage.
– Longer operation time than IVRO.

Double Jaw Surgery

If the prognathic jaw accompanies malocclusion with an imbalanced upper and lower jaw,
a varying degree of double jaw surgery can be performed to solve the symptoms.


Protruded Mouth and Malocclusion


The maxilla and mandible are simultaneously fractured and retracted


Well-Balanced Maxilla and Mandible

The Plastic Surgery Facial Contour Center

3D Face Scanner

3D FACE SCANNER scans the face in 3D and examines problems of facial proportion, angle, and volume of the customer’s face. It then virtually simulates the patient’s face to predict post-operative outcome.

3D CT Analysis

3D CT accurately and precisely analyzes the skeletal structure and condition, muscles and fat distribution and more that may not be visible during face to face consultation.

Consulting a Specialist

Customized surgical plan for each patient’s unique facial characteristics

Detailed Aftercare Program

Present delicate post-operative care for optimal results

Facial Contouring Specialist

With 18 years of know-how, we take smiling, three dimensional features, alleviation of wrinkles, and facial nerves into consideration.

Excellent Technology Evaluation Company Certification (2018)

ISO 9001: Certified Hospital (2000)

Consumer preference No. 1 Brand Award (2016)

Customer Satisfaction Brand Award (2015)

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