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Transformation of a Square Jaw to a Slim V-line


V-Line Surgery

  • 01 Wide and angled face seen from the front and at 45 degrees angle
  • 02 Long jaw-tip and a widely developed lower jaw
  • 03 Wide and blunt front jaw
  • 04 Large face that makes the lower region of the face feel heavy
  • 05 Blunt and large face without a square jaw

Natural V-line SQAURE JAW correction

THE Plastic Surgery gives a maximized three-dimensional effect while creating natural results.
Natural V-line through square jaw reduction is developed through 18 years of know-how and research.


Operation time

1 hour


General Anesthesia


1 day

Stitch Removal

after 4~5 days


1~2 times

Recovery period

After 2 weeks

THE Plastic Surgery V-Line Surgery Outcomes

THE Plastic Surgery
V-Line Surgery Methods

Mandibular Resection

Mandibular resection is performed when the lower area of the face is wide and angular.
Incision is made inside mouth to remove overdeveloped jaw for a small and slim V-line.

Cortical Bone Resection

Cortical Bone Resection is performed when face looks wide from front.
Resection is usually done in conjunction with mandibular resection through mouth incision.

Long Curve Resection

Long curve resection is performed when the areas beginning from back of the ear to the front jaw looks wide.
Resection is made from the back of the ear to the front jawline through mouth incision.

V-line Square Jaw (T-Osteotomy)

V-line square jaw is performed on square jaw and blunt chin. Square jaw is resected and
T osteotomy is performed on chin to create V-line.

Square Jaw Botox

Square jaw Botox is performed when the muscle (Masseter) develops excessively.
Botox retrogrades muscles, making angular lines smooth.
It shows a semi-permanent effect if treated every 6 months for 2~3 times.

The Plastic Surgery Facial Contour Center

3D Face Scanner

3D FACE SCANNER scans the face in 3D and examines problems of facial proportion, angle, and volume of the customer’s face. It then virtually simulates the patient’s face to predict post-operative outcome.

3D CT Analysis

3D CT accurately and precisely analyzes the skeletal structure and condition, muscles and fat distribution and more that may not be visible during face to face consultation.

Consulting a Specialist

Customized surgical plan for each patient’s unique facial characteristics

Detailed Aftercare Program

Present delicate post-operative care for optimal results

Facial Contouring Specialist

With 18 years of know-how, we take smiling, three dimensional features, alleviation of wrinkles, and facial nerves into consideration.

Excellent Technology Evaluation Company Certification (2018)

ISO 9001: Certified Hospital (2000)

Consumer preference No. 1 Brand Award (2016)

Customer Satisfaction Brand Award (2015)

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