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Straight, Feminine, and Beautiful Line

Nose Correction

Deviated Nose

  • 01 Unbalanced face due to crooked nose
  • 02 Functional problem with a deviated nose
  • 03 Twisted Implant after Nose Surgery
  • 04 Unbalanced Growth of Nose
  • 05 Deviated nose due to accident

Deviated Nose Correction

A condition where vertical nose line down the center of face is twisted in S-shape or C-shape.

Normal Nose

Type C Nasal Septal Curvature

Type S Nasal Septal Curvature


Operation time

Appx. 2 hour


General /



Stitch Removal

After 5-7 days


1~3 times

Recovery period

After 1 Week

Deviated Nose Correction Methods

Nasal Bone Deviation

Fracture both sides of deviated, place in upright position for straightened, symmetrical nose.

Crooked Nose Before Surgery

Nasal Bone Separation Through Medial and Lateral Fractures

Immediate Realignment of Fractured Nose

Septal Deviation

Part of the curved nasal septal cartilage is straightened and stretched to correct nasal cartilage asymmetry.

Warped Septal Cartilage

Fracture the Curvy Side

Straightened and Tied

Crooked Nose Tip

Nasal septum and tip cartilage is simultaneously corrected by straightening.

A Crooked Nose Tip

Straightening of the Nasal cartilage and Nose Tip Cartilage

Corrected Nose tip

Warped Implant

Removal of the existing implant and new implant insertion.

Warped Implant

Removal of Warped Implant

Insertion of New Implant

Characteristics of Deviated Nose

Improve aesthetic and functional values including stuffy nose and rhinitis

Nose line in perfect harmony with the face. Correcting a crooked nose will improve facial balance.

Smooth and straight nose line
Refinedness improves when the nose at the center of the face is smooth and straight

Improved Nostril Asymmetry
Nostril asymmetry corrected along with nasal bridge

THE Plastic Surgery Nose Surgery Center

3D CT Analysis

Nasal septum cartilage, size and condition of tissues that cannot be seen with naked eye can be fully examined in three dimension.

3D Face scanner

3D FACE SCANNER scans and provides 3D virtual simulation to predict post-operative outcomes which displays facial proportion, angle, and volume.

Customized Silicone or Autologous Cartilage

We design surgical methods ideal for each patient’s needs and conditions based on anatomical know-hows.

FULL HD Endoscopic Nose Surgery

With high resolution HD-quality image, we can accurately dissect while minimizing bleeding and damage to existing tissue. It results in less pain and increased recovery speed.

Nose – Specialized Plastic Surgeon

THE Plastic Surgery rhinoplasty is a short, yet elaborate operation.

Detailed Post-Operative Care

We proudly present systematic and detailed aftercare program

Excellent Technology Evaluation Company Certification (2018)

ISO 9001: Certified Hospital (2000)

Consumer preference No. 1 Brand Award (2016)

Customer Satisfaction Brand Award (2015)

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