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Even more Attractive and Unique

Beautiful & Natural
Nose Surgery

One and only customized nose line for each and every patient
demonstrates natural beauty.

Precise and Dimensional Analysis

Ideal nose line has to be in perfect harmony with the face. Through 3D-CT and 3D FACE SCANNER, we examine nasal septum and tissues shown in three-dimensional view and even create virtual simulations.

Virtual Simulation & Diagnosis

3D FACE SCANNER scans and detects face problems in 3D stereoscopic with minimal margin of error and accurate diagnosis. Wish usage of LED white light, it is harmless to human body.

Functions of 3D FACE SCANNER

Face Ratio Analysis

Face Contour Analysis

Tracking Point and Alignment

Face Angle and Length Analysis

Virtual Simulation

Why do we need a 3D CT analysis for nose surgery?

Nasal septum cartilage, size and condition of tissues that cannot be seen with naked eye can be fully examined in three dimension.

Based on the analysis, we design a precise surgical plan for safe and accurate rhinoplasty

Mandatory, Not Optional!

3D CT Nose surgery General Nose Surgery
Preoperative Analysis Accurate 3-dimensional analysis with 3D CT Examination with Naked Eye and Camera
Surgery Plan Precise Analysis even Inside of Nose (Nasal Septum, Tissues, etc.) Only external conditions identified, therefore Difficulty in Surgical Planning
Results Safer and Predictable Nose Surgery Unsatisfactory Results from Insufficient Surgical Planning
Functionality Careful Analysis prior to Surgery Considers Functional Improvement Difficulty in Functional Consideration prior to Surgery
Revision Precise Analysis of the Existing Implant Enables Safe and Functional Nose surgery with Superior Aesthetic values Difficult to Analyze Nasal condition and Implants fromthe Previous surgery

THE Plastic Surgery’s Nose Surgery Know-Hows

We design customized silicones optimized for individuals in accordance with the aesthetic and functional structure of nose.

THE Plastic Surgery has the know-how of identifying and utilizing autologous cartilage like septum, ear, and rib cartilage.

Close and precise examination of nose condition using 3DCT and endoscope before the surgery helps prevent complications involving nasal septum or rhinitis.

Longer the operation time leads to longer exposure to the air, resulting in higher chances of inflammation. THE Plastic Surgery’s short and precise surgery minimizes swelling and inflammation, leading to rapid recovery.

High Resolution FULL HD
Endoscope Nose Surgery

Nose Surgery of THE Plastic Surgery uses high-resolution FULL HD endoscope from U.S. Striker, allowing rapid recovery through minimization of tissue damage, bleeding while ensuring accurate dissection.

THE Plastic Surgery Nose Surgery Center

3D CT Analysis

Nasal septum cartilage, size and condition of tissues that cannot be seen with naked eye can be fully examined in three dimension.

3D Face scanner

3D FACE SCANNER scans and provides 3D virtual simulation to predict post-operative outcomes which displays facial proportion, angle, and volume.

Customized Silicone or Autologous Cartilage

We design surgical methods ideal for each patient’s needs and conditions based on anatomical know-hows.

FULL HD Endoscopic Nose Surgery

With high resolution HD-quality image, we can accurately dissect while minimizing bleeding and damage to existing tissue. It results in less pain and increased recovery speed.

Nose – Specialized Plastic Surgeon

THE Plastic Surgery rhinoplasty is a short, yet elaborate operation.

Detailed Post-Operative Care

We proudly present systematic and detailed aftercare program

Excellent Technology Evaluation Company Certification (2018)

ISO 9001: Certified Hospital (2000)

Consumer preference No. 1 Brand Award (2016)

Customer Satisfaction Brand Award (2015)

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